Motherhood Comes Naturally

Motherhood Comes Naturally (and Other Vicious Lies) by Jill Smokler


The theme of this little volume is blowing apart a bunch of myths about motherhood. Each chapter has a myth as its headline, and Smokler tells stories to show why these little pieces of conventional wisdom are so wrong. For the most part her point seems to be that motherhood is harder than we’ve been taught to expect

After reading this and Smokler’s first book, I think I’ve decided that Scary Mommy, Smokler’s blog, is better than either of her books. It’s odd to say that because she’s the same person writing them both, obviously. Maybe Smokler’s guest writers and her forums and confessional make the blog bigger than her singular vision, and the “extra” that the blog has and the book doesn’t is something that doesn’t translate well into book form. Maybe I hold books to a higher standard than blogs. But when I compare Scary Mommy to other mom blogs, Scary Mommy is a clear winner. And when I compare these books to other writing about mothering that I’ve read, I can’t get very excited about them. Maybe I’m humorless because I don’t find this or other mom humor books quite as funny as I’d like to. I definitely agree with Smokler’s Manifesto: she considers maintaining a sense of humor about parenting so important that she lists it as her first commandment/affirmation. Probably my issue is that I’m so deep in the thick of it right now that I don’t always have the perspective necessary to find things funny. And I think to some extent, laughing about how horrible things are for moms is just accepting the status quo. I prefer to examine why things are so bad, through books like Jessica Valenti’s Why Have Kids?