I’m on Chalkbeat!

The piece I wrote last week for Dad Gone Wild got picked up by Chalkbeat, a national education blog. I’m really excited to get a wider audience for an important topic: school segregation. Check it out if you didn’t see it yet!


2 thoughts on “I’m on Chalkbeat!

  1. I love this piece, Mary Jo! Thank You! And your experience as a teacher as well as a parent definitely helps to frame this issue and strengthen the argument for integration rather than educational opportunity hoarding…

    I work w/ a small all-volunteer group of parents who have done and are doing the exact same thing. We are a growing group of moms/dads across the country, from Madison to Houston, LA to Philly who are uplifting the conversation around integration. We also host online book-club meetings/special guests, etc etc etc and share resources, thoughts, etc. Currently we are developing a workbook for white/privileged families who are sending their kids to majority-minority schools so that this doesn’t become a kind of “colonizing” of a school (sadly, what often happens is that the PTA becomes disproportionately white, white/priv kids *still* get privileged even within the school, etc.).

    Would love for you to join us! IntegratedSchools.org (Facebook at Integrated Schools)

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