I’m on Dad Gone Wild!

I’ve written another guest post for Dad Gone Wild, a local education blog. This one is about teacher retention, family policies, and low wages in this female-dominated profession. Here’s a permanent link. Enjoy!


One thought on “I’m on Dad Gone Wild!

  1. Great post, Mary Jo! I totally agree with you. I left teaching in 2011, after five years of running an extremely successful classroom, and I swear to God I will never go back to being a public school teacher. The low pay, nonstop workload, bullying parents, and constant assumptions/verbal jabs that I must be “stupid” for “working with children” and keeping such “a low wage job” make me thank my lucky stars every day I got out. One of my nightmares is that I am back in that job. I love reading your posts about teaching, though sometimes, they are triggering, and stir up levels of dread that still haven’t gone away. Peace to you, and keep up the great work, fighting the good fight for us all.

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