I’m on the LA Review of Books!

A little something I wrote about John Green’s YA novels is up on the LA Review of Books website! I’m really excited to be included in such a great publication. Here’s a permanent link to the article: John Green and His Manic Pixie Dream Girls. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “I’m on the LA Review of Books!

  1. Congrats, that’s quite a recognition for everything you’ve been doing on your site! (which is wonderful b the b)

    I’m curious why you think Sam from Perks of Being of a Wallflower fits the MPDG trope? She isn’t static and has struggles/concerns of her own, which do have an effect on Charlie but don’t serve simply as prop pieces for his own growth. He certainly views her in the shy-boy-worshiping-quirky-girl manner that is typically associated with MPDG portrayals, but I don’t see her character fitting in with the rest of the trope. What do you think puts her in this category?

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