I’m pregnant again!

I announced to my family via phone last night: I’m having another baby! He or she is due in late March. I’m 16 weeks along and we’re both healthy. Cogan doesn’t really understand what’s happening, but if I ask him, “What’s in my belly?” he says, “A baby!” And he looks really cute in a “Most Awesome Big Brother” shirt.IMG_4360


I know it’s going to be a challenge to work full time while parenting two kids. I hope to continue to post good reviews and write about my life in other ways and other places as well. I’ll do my best; that’s all I can ever do.

Tomorrow I’ll write in a little more detail about the changes I expect in the next year, and how I think it will be different from being a first-time mom.


3 thoughts on “I’m pregnant again!

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