The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


This psychological thriller is about an alcoholic woman who involves herself in a murder investigation. Rachel can’t remember what she saw the night the victim went missing, and the constant question is whether she herself is the murderer. She’s kind of a sad-sack case, but also pretty sympathetic. The title comes from Rachel’s daily train commutes, during which she sees something from the window that starts her down this rabbit hole investigation. Rachel dominates the story, but occasionally alternates narration with the victim and her ex-husband’s wife.

The story was engrossing and exciting, with a good twist and a satisfying happy ending. It’s been compared to Gone Girl, It’s not quite as disturbing or far-reaching in its implications as Gone Girl, but it has the same can’t-put-it-down quality. Like Gone Girl, it will be adapted into a movie


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