Pretty Monsters

Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link


This book of stories offers several different tastes of the fantasy Kelly Link is known for. There are stories about a resurrected girl, haunted accessories, hazing, bullying, and camping, a pandemic, werewolves, and aliens. One, “The Wizards of Perfil” seemed like it would make a great Miyazaki anime movie. I really enjoyed the way the title story intertwined one narrative with the story-within-a-story of the novel one of the characters was reading. My favorite might be “Magic for Beginners,” about a mysterious cult TV show and its fans, a story that Link’s first adult collection was named for. Understated humor, unexpected images, and real horror abound. I’d compare the stories to those of Neil Gaiman, which is a strong compliment and a fair description of tone, style, and subject. I strongly recommend Kelly Link for anyone who likes strange fantasy with a metafictional twist.


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