Adding to the Blogroll

I’m cleaning up and adding to my blogroll on the side menu (way down to the side of the home page). I’ve deleted a few sites that are no longer being updated. Now you’ll see several new links on education and parenting. (That’s my whole life lately, isn’t it? Education and parenting. Not a bad thing.)

Jillian Kuhlman

Jillian’s an old friend from grad school. I read her first novel this past year and thought it was great. I used to have her old blog up here, but now I have her professional author page.

Put a Bib on It

Jillian sometimes writes for this parenting blog maintained by an organization called 4C for Children, which aims to support parents and caregivers in the Cincinnati area and advocate for early childhood education. Lots of wise words on babies and littles.

Liberating Working Moms

This site is all about supporting moms who work outside the home. I had a couple things published on this blog last year, so it really belongs on my list of permanent links.

Longest Shortest Time

This is a podcast and blog that has created one of the most vibrant, nonjudgmental and funniest community of parents I’ve ever seen on the internet. And since parents are known for being pretty judgmental and humorless, especially on the internet, that’s saying something. The title comes from the idea that early parenthood seems like it lasts forever, but then it’s over really quickly.

Since becoming involved in the Tennessee Bad Ass Teachers organization, I’ve been learning a lot and have discovered a few bloggers who are saying the things that need to be said and asking the right questions. These are a few of the voices on education that I’m following.


Peter Greene is always spot on with his critiques and rants about testing, teacher evaluation, charter schools, and other stupid policies legislators come up with that  He posts frequently and covers education debates all over the nation.

Diane Ravitch

I’ve said before she’s my favorite education guru. Her blog is really a wealth of information and a great way to keep up to date about nationwide policy debates.

Dad Gone Wild

I met Thomas Weber through the Bad Ass Teachers group, and his blog is focused on Nashville’s particular education issues. He takes a philosophical perspective and has lots of insights on parenting as well.


One thought on “Adding to the Blogroll

  1. Coolness! I want to add a list of blogs I follow to my website, too. I finally added MeReader to the For Writers page on my site, since I always enjoy reading your posts. I just have to get a bit more organized in order to add things to my side bars. Have to enlist help for that task. 🙂

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