I’m getting on Twitter

I’ve never claimed to be an early adopter or to live on the cutting edge of media and technology. I know that starting a twitter account for the first time* in 2015 is like buying a Walkman in 1995 (actually, I think I did have a Walkman in 1995…). But I want to interact more with people, and sometimes it feels like blogging is speaking into a void. I’m also finding that I’m having some short, 140-character-suitable thoughts about the books I’m currently reading. Sometimes it takes me a while to finish a book, and then a while to review it, so I want to capture those fleeting thoughts before they’re lost forever. Maybe the short, fast nature of twitter means I’ll be able to fit quick tweets in the few empty moments between teaching full time and toddler-chasing in a way that doesn’t work well with longer writing. I still really value the length and depth of writing a blog allows, and twitter doesn’t, so this is going to be an addition rather than a substitute, and hopefully one that enhances the blog and brings it more readers. I’ll probably be tweeting on the same issues I write about here: reading, literature, education, parenting, and feminism.

So if you want to follow me on twitter, I am @mereaderblog. Hope to see you there.

* I technically started this twitter account in 2009. I looked around, tweeted twice, and lost interest. That old account didn’t disappear with almost 5 years of disuse, but is still attached to my email address. Before rebooting it this week, I’ve changed the names, and the pictures, and the people I’m following.


One thought on “I’m getting on Twitter

  1. Yes — definitely post links to your blog in your Tweets! I find it’s hard to keep up with Twitter *and* Facebook at the same time — some days are better than others. Twitter is usually far more interesting than FB, but FB gets more interaction. Most people I know will slap up any dumb thing on FB, whereas Twitter inspires useful content. Glad you’re going to start Tweeting! It’s fun!

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