MeReader: Year Three in Review

My blog is 3 years old now! Here are some highlights of my personal writing from 2014:

I wrote my second guest post on Liberating Working Moms

I wrote about the sacrifices of parenting and the difficulty of setting priorities

I audited my blog for its VIDA count

I ranted my annual Mother’s Day protest post

I put my two cents in the debate about the value of YA lit 

My baby turned one

I went to the Southern Festival of Books

I detailed what a day in my life is like, then examined the way women talk about their daily routines online

My school lost its founding principal, and I lost a mentor and friend.

I had deep thoughts about confidence, then decided to dump out my draft folder

In 2014 I wrote 110 posts and reviewed 86 books!




One thought on “MeReader: Year Three in Review

  1. Congratulations, Mary Jo!! That’s a really impressive list of accomplishments!! No less for the fact that it *ends* with reviewing 86 books!! You’re such an incredible reader!! It’s a joy to visit this blog for the mix of personal and literary information you provide — and I’m also glad you have an email subscription service that is uber-easy to sign up for (not all blogs are like that). I’m looking forward to reading more of your work in 2015! Thanks for the great posts! 😀

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