The Southern Festival of Books 2014

Two years ago, I used to go to tons of book-related events. Most of them were at the public library in downtown Nashville. I got to see Eoin Colfer, Erin Morgenstern, Cheryl Strayed, Barbara Kingsolver, Sherman Alexie, and my favorite, Margaret Atwood. They all rocked.

Since my son was born, I haven’t been able to go to those kinds of events. I didn’t hear about any that I was just devastated to miss, but I had stopped looking for info on them so I wouldn’t have.

But I put myself on kid duty all last weekend, so that my husband will take him all next weekend and I can go to the Southern Festival of Books! I’m really excited about this year’s lineup, including old friends and authors I really admire:

Jamie Poissant, who was in workshops with me at UC and now teaches at UCF. His book is called The Heaven of Animals.

Brock Clarke, who taught those workshops at UC and now teaches at Bowdoin College in Maine. His newest book, The Happiest People in the World, comes out next month.

Antonya Nelson, author of Funny Once and a few other short story collections. I got to see her read once before at UC and she’s reading with Jamie on Friday

Megan McCaferty, author of the Bumped trilogy.

Lauren Oliver, whose Before I Fall, Panic, and Delirium trilogy I loved, and who has a new book out called Rooms

Ron Rash, author of Serena. His new book is Nothing Gold Can Stay.

Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story. His new book is a memoir called Little Failure.

Claudia Gray, author of the Evernight books. Her new book is A Thousand Pieces of You.


Lev Grossman, author of the amazing Magicians trilogy. The fact that he’s coming makes me really mad at myself for not reading The Magician’s Land yet; I hope there are no spoilers. If I get to ask him a question it might be about parenting and this awesome article.

I don’t think I’ll be able to see all of these awesome people, because a couple of them are scheduled at the same time, but I’m going to make an effort! If you’re in Nashville or close enough to drive, I’m sure it will be worth it!


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