Into the Still Blue

Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi


This novel ends the Under the Never Sky trilogy, a YA dystopia series. Aria, Perry, and their friends have to team up with Hess, leader of the Dwellers, and Sable, the treacherous leader of another Outsider tribe, in order to have a chance to reach the Still Blue before Aether storms destroy the world around them. The three leaders display varying levels of ruthlessness as they manipulate each other out of fear, mistrust, and ambition, each hoping to secure a safe position for his own people. The protagonists are still dealing with their losses from the earlier books, and their memories and traumas influence their choices. Rossi’s language is strong and her characters well-rounded and complex.

This volume was a worthy conclusion to the series. The setting was imaginative, vivid, and lush, the love stories irresistible, and the moral questions compelling.


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