The Madness Underneath

The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson


This book is the sequel to The Name of the Star, continuing the story of Rory, who can see ghosts and is involved with a top-secret government organization working to protect people from the restless dead. She survived an attack at the end of the last book, and much of this one is concerned with her recovery from those injuries and catching up with her schoolwork. Her failure to catch up in school raises questions about her future; she feels like her only option is to join the Shades. She also has the classic superhero problem: telling lies to cover up her crime-fighting. There are two new murders for her to solve here, a new love story, and a new villain who was introduced in a very obvious way. Like, laughably, ridiculously obvious. Rory has a pretty distinctive, quirky voice, but surprisingly I didn’t find it annoying. There’s going to be a sequel; things ended very much up in the air. It’s an enjoyable series


3 thoughts on “The Madness Underneath


    I really like the series and Maureen Johnson’s Twitter is one of my favorite things in the world, but I’m very paranoid that the Stephen-Rory story line is going to be like the romance in Pushing Daisies and I can’t handle that.

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