River Secrets

River Secrets by Shannon Hale


River Secrets is the third of the Books of Bayern, a series that began with The Goose Girl and Enna Burning. At the end of the last book, a war had just ended, and this one deals with establishing friendly peacetime relations between Bayern and its warlike neighbor Tira. The main character, Razo, a friend of Enna and Isi, is a young soldier who is sent to Tira’s capital to guard the ambassador. He becomes a spy, searching for the answer to a mystery. Burned bodies keep appearing, and it seems someone is trying to incite another war by framing the Bayern for murders. Also, there’s a cute redhead Razo is interested in.

The best book in this series is the first one. This one was kind of predictable, and the violent climax scene was kind of laughable and cartoonish at times. But the writing was ok and the love story was nice.


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