I’m on Liberating Working Moms!

A little something I wrote is posted on Liberating Working Moms (again). Go over there and check it out!

This little piece is kind of like a journal entry from about two months ago. So it’s not really breaking news about my current situation with my baby and my job. It took doctor’s orders to get me to give Cogan formula in the end. Reducing his bottles during the day had increased his nighttime feedings, and we are still trying to reverse that mistake for the sake of our sleep and sanity. By now, Cogan has had soy formula mixed with pumped milk, and he didn’t seem to be able to tell the difference. He’s also had lots of solids; I think avocados are his favorite. And he’s teething; I just felt the fourth little point. My pumping has improved too, thanks to a pumping bra, though not quite enough to keep up with his demand. I’m in a much better mental place about all of it, but I did need to bring in an expert in order to realize that the only thing worse than giving him formula was not giving him formula. Perfectionism dies hard, but it can be killed, thank God.


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