There Is No Dog

There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

There is No Dog

In this YA novel, God is a teenage boy who falls in love with a human girl, and his turbulent emotions trigger catastrophic natural disasters. The book’s action takes place in heaven, where God, his assistant, his mother, and her poker buddies argue over the fate of the universe, and on earth, where God courts his chosen one and floodwaters threaten to swamp an entire town.

I’ve read some books before that present an image of the cosmos that I find either fascinating and inspiring, like His Dark Materials, or confused and objectionable, like the Fallen trilogy. This book mostly fell somewhere in the middle. The idea of God as a teenager with a short attention span, wildly creative but careless, has some resonance, but doesn’t get me excited. His pursuit of his little girlfriend is creepy and stalkerish, not really romantic at all. I liked and sympathized more with Mr. B, God’s workhorse assistant, and his poor neglected pet, Eck.

The best part of the book is the surreal imagery, like when fish start swimming through the air at a crucial moment of the plot. Rosoff begins with several fun, witty, poetic passages that riff on the creation story. There’s a wry sense of humor about the more pathological characters’ actions; this really seems like the only way to present them unless it’s going to be a horror novel.


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