Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

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This sequel to Under the Never Sky follows Peregrine and Aria in their separate journeys until they finally reunite. Peregrine is the new leader of his tribe, responsible for taking his people through the greatest crisis they’ve ever faced. Both he and Aria are eager to rescue Perry’s nephew Talon, captive in the protected dome Reverie. Everyone faces the threat of the worsening Aether storms, so there is increasing urgency to find the Still Blue, a place of safety and peace. Aria realizes that Perry’s people will never accept her, so she leaves to search for the Still Blue. Treacherous leaders Sable and Hess conspire to save those loyal to them and shut out all others, in a repetition of the Unity that separated Aria’s people from Peregrine’s ages ago. Aria and Peregrine fell in love in the first book; here their love is tested through temptation, competing loyalties, and the inherent differences in their peoples. There is a second tragic love story between Perry’s sister Liv and his friend Roar.

I enjoyed the rich language and the interpersonal drama that’s reflected in the dangerously roiling atmosphere. In this world, there are mystery, discovery, betrayal, and great beauty. This book is the second in the trilogy, and it sets up the third to be full of excitement and romance.


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