Balthazar by Claudia Gray


This YA romance novel is a spin-off from the Evernight series, which is about a school for vampires. It takes two minor characters from that series and continues their story after the end of the action of the previous four books. The vampire mythology of these books is both more complicated and more traditional than in some other vampire books. These vampires can’t cross running water, but don’t seem to have too much trouble with sunlight; they have a particular antipathy for ghosts.

Balthazar is a vampire who was ‘turned’ back in America’s early colonial days, and Skye is a human with some supernatural abilities, especially seeing ghosts. When a group of vampires comes to Skye’s town and starts stalking her, Balthazar protects her, and they become close and fall in love. In many ways, this is a fairly typical YA romance, with some predictable plot elements, like a passionate first kiss followed immediately by a rejection. It’s gratifying that Skye is not helpless, that she does a pretty good job of taking care of herself when she has to and even saves Balthazar at one point. It’s also fairly interesting and unusual for YA that Skye is not a virgin at the beginning of the story, and she and Balthazar get to have sex, though without graphic description. If you like YA paranormal romance and aren’t expecting something that will blow your mind, you’ll probably like this book, and the entire Evernight series.


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