So far, motherhood does not keep me from reading at all. If anything, my pace has sped up, thanks to breastfeeding. There’s nothing like being stuck in one spot for hours a day to give you time to read. It’s also a great distraction from intermittent pain. However, my writing time is greatly suffering, thanks to a baby who wants me to hold him all day, yes, even when he’s sleeping. I don’t like typing one-handed, but when it’s either that or listening to a crying baby, I have been choosing option 3: hold the baby while reading things online. In the little bit of ‘me’ time I get in the evenings, I end up prioritizing my private journal. This is why there haven’t been many posts on this blog in a while. But since, as I said, my reading hasn’t slowed down, that means I have a backlog of books to review. There are 9 posts I have saved up that will be posted over the next 2 weeks; 3 of these books count as genuine doorstoppers, and I have one more of those in progress. Since I had posted before about fearing losing myself and about how important it is to me to continue to write, I thought I needed to explain my silence for the past 2-3 weeks. I’m still here, still reading, still me.


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