Requiem by Lauren Oliver


This novel concludes the Delirium trilogy, a YA dystopia series about a society where love is considered a disease, and everyone gets a kind of lobotomy at 18 to prevent them from “catching” it. This volume alternates between the perspectives of Lena, the main character from the first two novels, who escaped her “procedure” and is now fighting with the resistance, and her friend Hana, who has been “cured” and is engaged to the town’s brutal new mayor. Most of the action of the book has to do with the resistance, Lena’s travels with her group of rebels, and preparations for Hana’s wedding and her discoveries about her fiance. The focus is on the cruelty of the society and how far its leaders go to oppress those they fear.

A love triangle emerges thanks to the great surprise ending of Pandemonium, the second volume, stirring up drama in Lena’s entire little tribe. However, the love story takes a bit of a backseat here, compared to in the other installments of the trilogy. Mostly it’s just a source of angst. The conclusion of this plotline was satisfying, if somewhat predictable. As always, Lauren Oliver’s prose sets her apart from most YA writers. The last page is particularly nice, universalizing the story.  I enjoyed this book as much as I did the others in the series, and recommend it to anyone who likes dystopia stories that make you think and include a love story.


4 thoughts on “Requiem

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