The Atlantis Complex

The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex

In this 6th book of the series, Artemis Fowl has a mental condition called the Atlantis complex, which has some OCD-like symptoms, including an obsession with lucky and unlucky numbers, along with a hidden personality named Orion that comes out. Orion stirs up drama by trying to court Holly in a dramatic, over-the-top way, bringing up more “shippy” awkwardness that seemed to have been settled in the last book. The main cause for his illness seems to be regret and guilt from his past misdeeds. I wasn’t crazy about the way Artemis’s condition made him weak and vulnerable in this volume. I’m most interested in him when he’s a criminal mastermind pulling strings and hatching brilliant plans.

All of that is in the middle of getting attacked by robots from a fairy space probe, diving into an ocean trench, and escaping from a riot of zombified luchador fans. The villain is Turnbull Root, an escaped convict who tries to kidnap the powerful demon from a previous volume to bring back his dying human wife’s youth.

I’m looking forward to finally picking up my signed copy of The Last Guardian, the final book in the series. I’m hoping that Minerva comes back and the romantic issues between Artemis and Holly are laid to rest. I like them better as friends, and I don’t say that often.


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