Endlessly by Kiersten White

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This book concludes the Paranormalcy trilogy, in which Evie, a teen girl with the ability to see normally invisible creatures, works for and against IPCA, the International Paranormal Containment Agency. In general, this series’s conception of paranormal creatures as subject to imprisonment by a bureaucratic international organization is fresh and fun. In this final volume, Evie is asked to create a gate to allow all of the paranormals to pass through and leave Earth. She has to be convinced that this is the right thing to do and that she’s capable of doing it, which involves several trips to and from the fairy realm.

There were many times when I found Evie’s voice annoying (she uses “bleep” as an expletive), and her interest in fashion and soap operas stereotypical and narrow. For the most part these elements of her personality were used as comic relief. Probably I just take things that trivialize female characters too seriously to appreciate the humor. Some of the things Evie said about her boyfriend Lend and their relationship seemed extreme, but in a way that is believable of an exaggerating teenage girl. For example, “If I’d lost him forever, my world was over.” For the most part I assumed that these statements had more to do with Evie’s hyperbolic style than any problems in their relationship, though I still don’t love seeing such sentiments presented to young readers as characteristic of a good girlfriend. She does stand up to Lend once and say her heart is his, but not her soul. In general, they do seem to have a healthy relationship, and they both do their share of rescuing and sacrificing to stay together and alive.

Even more interesting and complex than her relationship with Lend, though, are Evie’s relationships with her sister Vivian and her fairy ex Reth. Vivian has fewer scruples than Evie, which allows her to spur the action at crucial moments, and she has a great line at the climax making fun of Evie and Lend’s willingness to sacrifice for each other. Reth struggles with the changes that Evie caused in him and holds out hope that she will choose him in the end. Both of them make some pretty spectacular sacrifices to allow Evie to have her happy ending.


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