Mereader: Year One in Review

Today this blog turns a year old! Of all the New Year’s resolutions I’ve ever kept, this has probably been the most fun and rewarding. (Well, this and walking to the library.) Here’s a look at some of the things I’ve written and accomplished this year:

I had an essay published on Musings on Life and Love.

I was featured in a podcast from That Time of the Month, reading an essay about my family’s poultry farm.

I participated in Tara Maya’s blog tour.

I was quoted on Jezebel on sexism in Patrick Rothfuss’s novels. My criticisms of Wise Man’s Fear were some of my most popular blog posts this year and sparked a discussion on a TOR forum.

contributed to The Body Image Project.

I went to lots of readings at the library and got to meet a ton of great authors: Margaret Atwood, Sherman Alexie, Eoin Colfer, Erin Morganstern, and Molly Ringwald.

When I began the blog, I was hoping to articulate an aesthetic, to begin a critical project that will give me greater insight into my own tastes and into what makes a good book good. Toward this end, I looked for patterns in the reviews I was writing and did a series of posts on my pet peeves, which included aspirational materialism and fanservice. I also weighed in on NPR’s list of the top 100 YA novels.

In 2012, I wrote over 200 posts and reviewed 121 books! I only hope 2013 is as productive and rewarding.


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