I’m featured on Musings on Life and Love!

A personal essay I wrote on my feelings on pregnancy and impending motherhood has been published this morning  on Musings on Life and Love. I’m really excited about participating in this site’s fascinating conversation on life lessons.

This might sound kind of imperious, but I kind of want everyone who’s ever going to talk to me about my child and my parenting decisions to read this essay, so that they know where I stand on certain things. Maybe I’m delusional, but I imagine that if my friends and family members read this essay, they’d understand some of the pressures I’m feeling, and so they wouldn’t say to me the kinds of things that will set me off writing more impassioned essays. Although I enjoyed writing this essay and I’m gratified that it’s appearing more widely than here on my tiny blog, so I don’t really want to prevent a repeat performance. Anyway, this essay only covers a small but important aspect of the gigantic topic of motherhood: fear of identity loss caused by excessive sacrifice. So I’m sure there’s plenty of other territory that could be covered by future well-meaning comments and impassioned essays, thankfully.


5 thoughts on “I’m featured on Musings on Life and Love!

  1. I liked your essay very much and can relate to many things in it, especially when it comes to differences in how previous generation sees motherhood vs. our generation…. but wait, I am previous generation. My daughter is all grown up now. Young and beautiful and soon enough (hope not too soon) will be asking all these questions herself. What would I tell her? I think, I would tell her two things: trust yourself and have no fear.
    What I mean is that if you have enough confidence in yourself and in your nature (including very basic physical aspect of it), you will be able to find wise and balanced spot within yourself when you will not question importance of the needs of the moment, but instead accept them as they come while being who you are, leaning something new about life and yourself every day.
    I would tell her – have no fear, because our fears are just anticipations of failures. But there are no failures and no set rules, only learning experiences and having child only adds richness to this process.
    Love your blog! Good luck!

    p.s. English is not my first language, sorry if it’s a little wonky.

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