I’m pregnant!

I announced the news to my family last night at Thanksgiving: I’m pregnant! The baby is due in May. I’m 14 weeks along and everything is going well.

I’ve been reading a few books on pregnancy and child-rearing, as you can imagine, but I didn’t want to review them publicly until now because that might have raised suspicions, and I wanted to share this news on my own timeline. So in the coming weeks, along with my regular reviews, I’ll post the reviews I’ve written on these books, and of course the reviews will have some of my own ideas about pregnancy in them, along with my opinions of the books.

Though my life will be changing a lot in the next year, I don’t expect this blog to change much. I am not suddenly going to turn into a “mommy blogger,” unless that just means a mother who keeps a blog. I don’t expect to upload many thousands of baby pictures here or to start sharing recipes or talking about crafts. That’s not really me. I just want to keep reading and writing about books. My post frequency may decrease, but I hope the quality doesn’t. I hope that this blog helps me remember to make time for myself in addition to caring for my child and teaching my students.


5 thoughts on “I’m pregnant!

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