The Name of the Star

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

This is a YA thriller about a serial killer recreating the Jack the Ripper murders, and an American girl living in London who can see ghosts. She becomes a part of the “Shades” organization, a secret branch of the police that works with unruly ghosts, which is working on the Ripper killings. The “rules” of ghosts and the technology used to deal with them  are logical and fair. The side characters and the ghosts have good, decently rounded stories and some funny lines. I liked the descriptions of the loneliness of never being able to share a secret with anyone. There is a hint of romance, but not too much, and the romance there is seems utterly realistic, describing the awkwardness of dealing with a classmate after you’ve kissed. It was a fun story, and I’ll be looking forward to the planned sequel.


3 thoughts on “The Name of the Star

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