Internet Roundup: Hunger Games

Here are a few articles in the past couple weeks that I’ve found worth sharing with others. I might do more of these link-heavy posts because based on response to this post, people seem to find them useful, and they’re a way to transfer the reading I already do as I wander around the web into blog posts, spreading ideas I like and adding my two cents. First edition: articles on The Hunger Games published after the first weekend ticket sales were in.

The Hunger Games’ Success and What It Means for Female Action Films This article compares HG’s numbers with lots of other male-driven movies, and ponts out that unlike Lara Croft or other typical action heroines, Katniss is not sexualized or portrayed in revealing clothing.

Jennifer Lawrence and ‘The Hunger Games’: Some Good Signs for Women in Hollywood This article from Forbes speculates about how The Hunger Games may have hopefully changed the scene in Hollywood for women, especially women in action movies. The insane amount of money the movie has made means that it’s been proven that female-centric stories can sell lots of tickets. In addition to changing the types of movies being made, it could mean bigger paydays for actresses, as well as more women writers, directors and producers. All very good news.

The New Girl Power This is a short article on Salon that discusses how “fandom” is now a female-driven phenomenon. The Hunger Games is just the latest in a series of record-breaking movies that have shown that “a movie can be a big hit without appealing to young men at all.”

An Imagined Girls’ Night with Katniss Everdeen, Hermione Granger, Bella Swan, and Buffy Summers This amusing fan-written vignette makes a clear point about how Katniss, Hermione, and Buffy are empowered, well-rounded young women, while Bella is kind of pathetic in comparison.


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