Gigantic frickin book

I just lugged home A Wise Man’s Fear from the library. It’s the sequel to The Name of the Wind, which I read last week. I spend most of that review going on about how long it was and how long the series was going to be. I was right.

I got the book in Playaway, CD and book forms. I only have the first half of the book on CD actually–when the book takes 36 CDs they split it in half and make you check it out as two items. The Playaway says it will take 43 hours. The book is 994 pages, and I estimate weighs at least 3 pounds. It made my walk to the library a real workout.

So, don’t expect the review for this on for a while. This series is an investment, clearly. But I enjoyed the first installment so much that I’m looking forward to all 43 hours of the sequel. When you have a really good book you don’t want it to end.


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