Favorite blogs

I’ve added a favorite blogs feature on the sidebar. Let me introduce these blogs, which I try to read as often as I’m aware they’re updated.

A Practical Wedding

This site saved my sanity in 2010, when I was wedding planning. Since then, Meg Keene, leader of Team Practical, expanded her site and wrote a book, which I bought in early December when it first came out to help it reach the top of the Amazon bestseller list (It got to #29). I gave my two copies as Christmas presents to my engaged sister and another newly engaged friend before I had a chance to finish one for myself though! I need to get another and review it.

Apple Scout

Jessie Clark, a friend from Centre College, writes this blog. She’s cute, fun and quirky. She’s also a journalist for LouisvilleKY.com.

Gruntled Center

This blog is by Dr. Weston from Centre. He’s a sociology professor who focuses on family life and what makes people, families, communities and societies happy. He’s also a coffee-shop patron, a newborn novelist, and a great mentor and teacher.

Julianna Baggott

Juliana Baggott’s new book Pure just came out and she’s done a slew of interviews and guest posts all over the internet this week. It’s one of the books I’m most looking forward to getting my hands on this year. Her blog has a lot of great ideas and encouragement for writers, as well as her thoughts on the writing business and bits of her lively family life.

Post Secret

I wrote about Post Secret on Sunday. It still rocks.

Return of the Girl

Jillian is a friend from my days at UC. I always loved her sentences in workshop and now I get to read them on her blog. She posts personal tidbits and memories and always leaves a reader wanting more. She also just announce some big news!

Taste of Ginger

Ginger Pennington, another friend from Centre, writes this blog. She lives in LA and is working to make it as an actress, but she’s also a writer and thinker and yogi, someone who never stops learning.

The Lit Pub

A classmate from UC, Molly Gaudry, founded this small press. Doesn’t that just blow you away and make you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing in your life? The site is not just about selling books but about building a community around the books. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this venture!

It’s a small list, but I’m not including megasites, just ones I honestly check frequently where I have personally met the writer. APW is an exception to that rule, but I did meet 2 ladies who were featured as “wedding graduates,” and Meg feels like the cool, wise older sister I never had. The other exception is Post Secret, but maybe I’ve written in a featured secret. You’ll never know.

I’d love to add to the list! What other blogs should I know about?


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