Post Secret

Post Secret is “an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.” The creator, Frank Warren, has gathered these secrets together in books and a blog. The blog updates every Sunday and I always enjoy checking out the week’s new secrets.

I’ve always thought that Post Secret is a gold mine for writers looking for a story idea or a new topic to write about. Each secret has a deeply felt story, and the evocative images and designs only help to spur the imagination.

Frank Warren travels the country speaking at universities. I’ve seen videos of clips from the talks online and only wish I could go to one someday. He does a lot for suicide prevention charities and hotlines. In 2007, donations from Frank and his fans kept 1-800-SUICIDE from closing down.

There are now five Post Secret books, all of which are beautiful and raw. If I don’t get one of them for a present one of these years, I’ll just have to buy them myself. There’s a tradition of leaving secrets on postcards in the books while they’re still in the bookstore. Though I’m a library-loving cheapskate, these books would be worth the price, especially since it’s connected with such a good cause, and because of the chance of a bonus secret.


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