Resolution: No driving to the library

I’ve made a new resolution. I will not drive to the library anymore.

What I mean is that I will no longer drive to my local branch library to pick up and drop off books. When I go to the libraries in other parts of town (like to the beautiful downtown location where most big events are held), then I will drive, of course. But to my neighborhood library, I will walk.

I am incredibly lucky. My house is about 2 blocks from my library. (I was tempted to put a Google map on here to show you exactly how close, but then I thought about crazies on the internet.) The truth is, it’s so close that walking is not just sensible, it’s the only thing to do to avoid really despicable laziness.

The only conditions under which I will allow myself to drive to the library are these:

1. It is raining, or

2. It is below 40 degrees.

Considering that I’m in Nashville, and it was 60 degrees a week ago, and I was able to walk to the library in late January, these conditions hopefully will not rule out too many walks. Since I come from the northernmost corner of the South, where the weather is truly Midwestern in character, Tennessee’s climate is endlessly delightful to me. (Especially when a light frost equals a snow day because there are no salt trucks.)

When your favorite hobbies are so sedentary, it’s important to find ways to move around a bit. Walking to the library seems like a good way to make my reading motivate my exercise. Even more than my audiobooks already do, I mean.


2 thoughts on “Resolution: No driving to the library

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