End of January

When I started this blog a month ago, I promised myself that I’d write a post every single day for the month of January. It’s nice to reach a goal like that! And thanks to everyone who has been reading!

I knew that pace wouldn’t be sustainable, though. Many of January’s posts were written in the last week of December when I was not in school. Since a year was ending and a new year beginning, that gave me the idea to write about my favorite and least favorite books of the last year. Only writing about the books that I finish reading doesn’t quite give me enough to write about, since I only finish about two books a week. Do you have any other ideas for posts? What should I write, in addition to reviews? I’d love some feedback!

So I’ll be posting less often than daily, but still regularly. I’m also going to work on publicizing the blog across a few different networks, and adding some things to the front page to make it pretty and navigable.


2 thoughts on “End of January

  1. How about if you blog about some of the ideas you have for your own stories that you hope to write? It could be a great way to keep yourself accountable and to keep with the all of your inspiration. I don’t know how much you’d want to say or reveal (those things are always hard to gauge), but I would find it interesting!

    What about looking back at some of the “classics” or books that you read when you were younger (high school? early college?) and how your perspectives on reading them have potentially altered since going through graduate school or maybe even teaching the books yourself?

    • I like the idea of writing about old favorites too–David suggested it as well. I’m not sure it would help me to post more often or not, as I’d have to find time to re-read the books first!

      I’m a little more scared of of your first idea. I think being away from workshops and taking a much-too-long break from writing has made me more self-conscious than I was four years ago. The night mereader went live, David kind of had to talk me into it again because I was about to chicken out. Hopefully I’ll get to that point where I feel comfortable and confident sharing my own fiction someday soon. I think the blog will help me get there.

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