Readerly movies coming out in 2012

There are several movies coming out this year that I consider “readerly” in that they’re based on books or stories.

I’m not sure that I’ll be able to see all of these, and probably not on opening weekend or anything. But If I do get to see them, I’ll drop in a review!

Dr Suess’s The Lorax comes out on March 2.

I’m a sucker for some good computer animation, and doesn’t rhyming make everything better?  And isn’t the environmental message more important every day?

The Raven comes out on March 9.

My recent viewing of Nevermore really showed me the dramatic possibilities in Poe’s life and works. John Cusack stars in this flick about Poe’s last days. Apparently it’s pretty fictionalized and features Poe hunting for a serial killer. Still has potential.

Mirror, Mirror comes out on March 16.

If you can’t tell from the poster, Julia Roberts as the evil queen is the main attraction of this adaptation, one of two coming out this year. It seems comedic and technicolor, based on the trailer. I like fairy tale adaptations a lot. I like the many allusions and verbal witticisms that often fill these retellings. And I love when a writer (or screenwriter) turns a tale on its head and makes it empowering and feminist. Here’s hoping that’s what happens to this one.

Also, Nathan Lane.

The Hunger Games comes out March 23. 

This is the movie I’m most anxious to see this year. I loved all three of the Hunger Games books and really want to see justice done to them. The trailer promises great things: good acting from the young, unknown stars, stunning visual effects, nonstop action, good writing. This might be worth fighting sleep through the school day after a midnight showing.

Snow White and the Huntsman comes on out June 1.

I’m ambivalent about this one. The concept (the huntsman who was ordered to kill Snow White trains her to take down the queen) is interesting, but…Kristen Stewart. I just hope her poor acting in Twilight came from the poor writing.

Jack the Giant Killer comes out on June 15.

More fairy tale adaptations! Fun times!

Brave comes out on June 22. 

Yay! After 17 years of movies dominated by male characters, Pixar is finally doing a movie for girls! And it’s not a “princess” movie! Well, Merida is a princess, but she’s more interested in her bow than her tiara. And the story is more about having adventures than about landing Prince Charming. That’s what I’ve heard anyway. And just look at Pixar showing off how good they are at animating hair now. It’s crazy how pretty it looks.

I know it’s weird that I’ve listed more new movies than books, but I think it’s because production companies do a much better job of publicity than publishing companies. They also plan farther ahead. I guess I might not know about some good books that are coming out, especially not in the second half of the year. Also, this is a fairy-tale-heavy year for movies, it seems. And that’s just fine with me.


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