Worst books of 2011: #3 Halo

#3: Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

This book might be used in writing workshops as an example of why characters without flaws are bland and boring. The protagonist is literally an angel. The human boy she falls in love with is as perfect as a human boy can be. And so of course, the villain, or only character with flaws, is literally sent from the devil (or maybe he’s flawless too, because he is doing his job as an agent of evil perfectly). The only conflict comes from figuring out that he’s a devil (which takes far too long, since any reader can tell who and what he is within a page, but of course the angel looks for the good in everybody and is just puzzled by not finding any in this guy) and then figuring out and trying to foil his evil plan. The book was recommended by Amazon, and the writer is about 16, so I don’t know what I expected.

I’m actually going to read the sequel just to see if the angel’s contact with the devil changes or challenges her in any way. I would like to see her sullied a bit. The religious ideas in the first were incredibly simplistic, and I would love to see them complicated. That might make a boring concept interesting.


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